Next Age, New Wave, Sparkle Mange, Twice Baked, it’s still Vampire to me!

What’s the first supernatural book you ever read? Where the Wild Things Are? Interview with a Vampire? Twilight? Dead Until Dark? Dracula? Whether the book was written by Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, or Bram Stoker, it caught our fancy and twisted our imagination into scary, curious and challenging ideas.

The mythology of every supernatural character slips and slides from ancient fears and superstitions to current, real life roll-play games or social behavior liken to vampires, werewolves, the fae and any other supernatural creature you can think of. Today, I want to explore mythology and how it still plays a big part in our lives, whether we’re simply looking for reading or viewing entertainment, or trying to live our day to day lives.

Who willingly walks under a ladder or doesn’t change their direction when a black cat crosses their path? Who doesn’t have a lucky sock, charm, piece of rock, rabbit foot or ( insert item here )? How many times a day do we question Fate or blame her for something that happened or didn’t happen? Whether we want to admit it or not, mythology and superstition are laced through just about every element of our lives. We may not call it superstition. If you’re like me, you blame it on your OCD, because see, if I don’t do it exactly this way every single time, something bad will happen! I’ll forget something else or mix something up wrong! It’s all connected!  I can’t change ANYTHING. OCD or Superstition? Did I create a reason to be superstitious because of my OCD, or did my OCD develop out of some ridiculous superstition?

The way we relate to the supernatural and paranormal world is the same Catch 22. Guess what? There really is a supernatural and paranormal world and it really is just on the other side of the veil. You’ve seen Ghost Hunters.  You hear all the time about hauntings in the neighborhood and even though you might not be as sensitive to these events as another person, you still have to admit, it’s happening. (If you don’t, you’re in denial and probably not someone who follows Vampire Explored, LOL.)

The rules are pretty simple, at least in our human heads. A ghost either a) doesn’t know he’s dead, b) doesn’t like being dead or c) is the ghost of an evil person who sticks around and haunts us. I get that. Lots of times I’m someplace I don’t want to be too and often I act out. Can’t give a ghost a time out though, so we hire and take the advice of ghost hunters, mediums, psychics and self-proclaimed experts in the paranormal field. Or not. Some of us just shrug and move on to the next thing.

Now, let’s talk supernatural. Sometimes the ghost hunting evolves into demon or spirit hunting and that’s where the supernatural come out to play. See, some of those scary mythological creatures look a lot like the paranormal experiences no one can explain away – a really mean entity who can create a nasty smell becomes a “demon”. Strange lights that terrify corralled horses in Montana become Native American “angry spirits”. All kinds of ideas come to us on how to appease and send these entities away so they’ll bother someone else on some other astral plane, but in truth lots of those solutions are right out of our fertile imagination.

These are my theories, developed from a long string of personal experiences and creative ideas. The supernatural world just is. Leave it alone and it’ll leave you alone. You make friends, expect them to stick around a LONG time, after all, all they have is time, right? Take your deepest imaginings about the paranormal, the supernatural, the vampire, shape-shifter and fae world and write them all down. Follow and/or boldly change other writer’s ideas. Watch the mythology splinter and shatter and regroup into all new concepts for our imagination.

That’s what this blog is all about! Peeking into the Fictitious World of Supernaturals. Werewolves can be your next door neighbors. Vampires can sparkle or fly or make mistakes or gain true love … or not.  Faeries can be beautiful or hideous or crafty or just plain flighty. We imagine these creatures as we wish them to be, they grew from some myth or legend, they develop for each generation and oh, one thing I will tell you … I LOVE that this generation has a little fun with it all. I mean … seriously … even the meanest vampire has gotta have a sense of humor.

At least that’s what I imagine! You have any thoughts on all this? Comment away, I’d love to hear your ideas!

Vampire Explored is a blog by Deborah Riley-Magnus, author of the Twice-Baked Vampire Series. Book 1, Cold in California  !

Cold in California cover, lgCOLD IN CALIFORNIA



6 responses to “Next Age, New Wave, Sparkle Mange, Twice Baked, it’s still Vampire to me!

  1. I grew up reading Stephen King and I loved that although the characters were regular people the cause and solutions were almost always paranormal.

    As I got older I enjoyed Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, but I was always diappointed that the vampires were impotent! LOL Ugh!

    So when paranormal romance started to grow I was in heaven! I enjoy danger and scary, but I like having a romance twist in there too.

    I think it’s fun to twist parnormal tropes and myths. You want to be able to relate to something that’s out of this world and with fiction we cna make that possible… 🙂

    Great post!


    • Thanks Lisa! I know exactly what you mean. I was always so uninterested in vampires or other supernatural creatures in books or movies that seemed to have no flaws, no humanity, no depth, no … nothin’! These days, they’re all more human in the fact that they are damaged and trying to accomplish something, good, bad or otherwise. Now we have someone to root for rather than just characters to fear or run away from.


  2. I’m almost embarrassed to say that Twilight was the first vampire book I had ever read. I had never been interested in vampires because they always represented such violence to me. After Twilight I started reading other vampire stories and I realized that vampires represented whatever the author wanted them to represent. That was an important discovery for me.

    • YES! And thank heaven! I think vampires (or werewolves or faeries or shape-shifters) should have personalities just like everyone else. The kind of personalities that get them into trouble and confuse them and make them do stupid things sometimes. It’s what make characters fun to read.


  3. I love the fact that now we are at liberty to combine alot more in writing rather than being stuck to stereotypes. No longer do vampires have to be simply evil. They can be the villain, hero or even the victim.

    The emancipation of the stereotype opens the door to alot of creativity and combination of themes.

    Heck, we might even start to see some vampire comedy.

    • I think these concepts have always been inside author’s and film maker’s heads, but something about the original mythology made people afraid to question it, much less simply ignore it. Sparkling Vampires? Vampires who walk and function during the day? Vampires with feelings and emotions and morals and a conscience? It does make them more like humans but in order to create interesting interaction, they need to be! Hooray for breaking rules!


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